Print Legals USA

ATTENTION: This artwork has to be checked and prepared for print!

Final Approval:

T&T has made every effort to ensure that all elements of this digital artwork are correct. Final approval of the artwork (i.e. legality, market conformity, copyrights, colours, declarations etc.) is the responsibility of the client. T&T will not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions.

Cutter Guide (also called Line Drawing):

It is the responsibility of the client and the printing company to ensure that the correct cutter guide has been used for the artwork. Please check and replace if necessary.


It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the barcode(s) are fully legible by the IT systems of the retailer.

Colors and Proofs:

All special colours in this artwork are based on the PANTONE Matching System (PMS), unless otherwise stated. Please note that the colors on most digital soft- or hard-proofs are not a true representation of PANTONE colors on the final printed substrate.

If a soft-proof (i.e. PDF) or hard-proof (i.e. colour laser proof) of this artwork is used for approval, it should only be used for preliminary approval of colour, positioning and declarations. The printing company must send a colour accurate GMG-proof or machine wet proof to the client or retailer for final approval. Further, it is highly recommended that a member of staff from T&T and/or the client attends the press pass for all first print runs. T&T will accept no responsibility for any colour related issues on the final printed products if colour accurate proofs and a press pass are not part of the production process.


Digital font files are generally not supplied by T&T as part of the artwork data package. However, if fonts are supplied, the receiver of the data (i.e. the client or the printing company) needs to ensure that they have (or purchase) their own end user licence for each font, as licences are not transferable. The license needs to be suitable for the required number of users, the correct usage period, type of use (i.e. website or print), geographical region (i.e. Europe) and print volume. T&T will accept no responsibility for any legal or financial claims resulting from insufficient or missing font user licenses.

Print Preparation:

This digital artwork is pre-press prepared in line with the agreements and expectations of the client. If it has been agreed that T&T is to conduct full pre-press then the files will be delivered according to the print specs. If not, some print-specific information, such as trapping, grip, and choke may still need to be applied by a reprographics specialist. T&T will accept no responsibility for any color, print or production-related issues once the digital files have been handed over to the client, repro, or printing company.

SRP (also called Tray, Carton, Display Case or Outer Case):

If an SRP is part of the artwork, the client must ensure that the construction, substrate, printing process, number of colors, and varnish has been discussed and agreed with the retailer before print.


T&T: Tjarks and Tjarks Design LLC, 111 West Jackson Blvd, Suite 1700, Chicago IL60604.
The client: The company which has contracted T&T with the creation of the digital artwork.
The retailer: The company where the final printed item is used, usually for merchandising a product. For some projects, the retailer and the client are the same company.
The repro company: The company which is technically preparing the digital artwork for print. It is usually affiliated with the printing company.
The printing company: The company which prints the final item, for example, the primary or secondary product packaging.