Sabrina and her attempt to save the world. A little.

I’m delighted to be able to share Sabrina’s inspirational story about her passion for beekeeping with all of you! Read on to find out more…

I lost my heart and soul to the bees. To all bees.

Back in 2014, when bee mortality was the world’s number one topic, I was seriously worried about the possibility of bees disappearing from the face of the earth. I decided spontaneously not to allow this to happen and started keeping bees. I attempted a 4 week beekeeping course – together with mainly 60+ year old grumpy men – and I passed the test and got my first hive from my beekeeper friend Peter.

Basically, it is due to Peter and my Pa’s efforts that I’m still alive (one day I was stung 8 times at once because it is really difficult to close a zipper properly) and that I succeed. All my hives survived and have grown to a total of 8 today, thanks to the lovely and selfless care of my extraordinary father who inherited my bees after I moved to England.

But I don’t want to tell you about this success of survival, I want to share a story about the beauty of nature and how teamwork and unselfishness can bring back the balance of the world.

So, why Bees: To begin with, bees live in extraordinary social structures. Their communities are harmonious and efficient, a hive is a place where teamwork reigns. In the world of bees, there is no such thing as the singular form. Although each bee makes an individual contribution, they are aiming for the common good. There’s no confusion about everyone’s tasks since each one knows what it has to do instinctively and carries it out. Everyone participates and works together for the health of the community.

Bees are astonishingly generous: the summer bee collecting nectar for honey will never get anything of it: a summer bee lives only approximately 30 days, yet it takes about 2 months to produce honey.

And they are smart and funny: Bees communicate by dancing. They have an “I found a great food spot” dance, an “I know a splendid new place to live” dance and a “we need a new Queen – long live the Queen” dance.

But for me, beekeeping is more than admiring nature. Working with bees, smelling the warm sweet honey when I’m opening the hive, hearing the calming whispering & humming and finally seeing a new bee hatching; that gives me serenity, trust and a deep inner peace.

Bees give me hope seeing the world’s dramas and tragedies. Bees lift me up and make me believe in the triumph of the human spirit. Every day, I try my best to implement what I have learnt from my bees, to succeed in my pursuit of balance and contentment.

And bees make me happy on a Sunday morning, enjoying a hot bun with my own honey. With this in mind, I want to introduce you to my honey – It will be ready sssssssssssoon…

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