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We have been fortunate over the years to work with some amazing clients and brands. Our long-standing relationships with our clients (many that have spanned over 25 years) are testament to our dedication, commitment and the quality of our work.

"Perhaps one of our favourite brands, WamBam brings a completely new approach to Chinese ingredients."

"Activ Energy has been rolled out across nine ALDI markets."

"Since the redesign in 2012, Mamia has become the largest own-label supermarket brand in the UK, with annual sales of £90million."

Mamia fact by Tjarks and Tjarks London & Chicago

"Cucina has become a solid benchmark for Italian private label brands worldwide."

Cucina fact by Tjarks and Tjarks London & Chicago

"More than 200 Multinorm core and promotional products have been designed and artworked."

Multinorm logo, packaging, branding and artwork for ALDI Süd by Tjarks and Tjarks Design London and Chicago.

"ALDI SÜD reinforced the visual effect and prominence of our elegant newspaper wine adverts on its own website…"