A Helping Hand in 2018

Our charity work got off to a great start this year with a World Food Sale to raise much-needed funds for Tukongote Community Preschool in Zambia and the local South East Cancer Help Centre.

There were plenty of volunteers willing to prove their culinary skills and showcase foods from around the world and the result was an extensive spread which kept us busy for most of the day! I was of course on hand to taste everything and was delighted that all the delicious food raised a very healthy sum for our chosen charities.

Natiska took on a more extreme challenge to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research –  a half marathon.   She covered the 13 miles with ease in an hour and 42 minutes and looked positively glowing as she came over the finish line, having raised a tidy amount for the charity.

Personally I prefer the food activities and will leave the sporty challenges to the experts, but am looking forward to more ventures to lend a helping hand to others this year…

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