Celebrating 25 Years!

This week Tjarks and Tjarks celebrated 25 years in business, a landmark in any company’s history. This is no mean feat and to maintain such a great reputation for so many years is a tribute to the team who has made it happen! The work ethic and devotion to delivering exceptional results is evident at Tjarks and Tjarks and so to celebrate this achievement, we took the opportunity to get together and raise a glass……or putt some balls.

What better way to mark the occasion than food, drinks and mini golf! In small teams and with the help of a drink or two, we made our way around Swingers crazy indoor course in London. The day gave us an opportunity to reflect on the year’s achievements but, equally importantly, also to recognise individuals in the team who had flourished. Each department manager was given the chance to reward a specific team member who they felt deserved recognition.

As a final note we would like to thank Carla & Nina for putting this event together and making it such an enjoyable occasion and the prizewinners for their exceptional work.

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