Welcome to Albertsons Collaborate. Here you can access the training tools and a link to WebCenter.

WebCenter is our new packaging management tool to monitor projects, approve artwork and share print data. You can access the WebCenter portal by clicking on the respective link below. After you click, a new window will open with the login page. Please continue by entering the username and password provided to you by your T&T client services representative. Although all browsers should work, we recommend using Safari or Google Chrome where possible.

Should you require further assistance in logging in, please contact us.

Happy Collaborating!

T&T WebCenter

WebCenter is our proprietor packaging management system. Developed in collaboration with ESKO for pre-press purposes, our unique system utilizes highly unique tools to approve and quality-check artwork quickly

Before you begin, be sure that you review all the training material via the link below. Contact your T&T representative if the password to open the ‘Learn’ portal hasn’t been shared with you. 

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