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Ultimate Design Efficiency

Fancy knowing the secrets to an efficient creative process? Check out our recent article for Brand Packaging Magazine. In this editorial, Steen gives you an insight into what it’s like working with one of the world’s biggest retailers and how to deliver them results first time round. In short, there are eight steps to ultimate […]



Sara Megaw, Work Ethic

Our award for dedication and work ethic goes to Sara Megaw. She is a true ambassador for the company and is an integral part of our team. Consistently professional, hard working and a pleasure to be around Sara has done an exceptional job over the years. Whether it is recruitment or internal HR, she is […]



Stephen Trayling, Dependability

Steve Trayling is a man of legendary patience and composure and we would like to thank him for his absolute commitment to the company and artwork department. He is 100% dependable, helping and supporting the team whilst delivering his own work to the highest of standards. Always ready with a joke or two, he is […]



Lucy Sharpe, Resilience

From our wonderful Account Management team, we celebrate Lucy Sharpe. Not only has she progressed tremendously in her role as Junior Account Manager since joining us straight out of university, but her German skills have also rapidly improved. She is a consistent ray of sunshine in the team and is always helpful and friendly. She […]



Ewelina Cayless, Spirit

Ewelina, or “Little Miss Sunshine”, receives our thanks and congratulations for consistently spreading her friendly, encouraging and supportive vibes throughout the team. Her design work is exceptional and we are very proud to enjoy her company and positivity in the office. It’s not always an easy ride in the Design team given the speed and quality to which we […]



Celebrating 25 Years!

This week Tjarks and Tjarks celebrated 25 years in business, a landmark in any company’s history. This is no mean feat and to maintain such a great reputation for so many years is a tribute to the team who has made it happen! The work ethic and devotion to delivering exceptional results is evident at Tjarks and Tjarks and so to celebrate this achievement, we took the opportunity to […]



Ready, Steady, Bake!

Over three years of fighting in South Sudan has forced more than three million people from their homes. Now 7.5 million people are in urgent need of help as the country faces a devastating famine. I felt it was our responsibility as incredibly fortunate individuals to help however we could! So with the help of Andy, […]



Illustration Flashback

I want to tell you a story from back in 2012. Two of our creative directors had just started up their own graphic agency, GENI Design. They were straight out of university and eager to get their teeth into some new, exciting briefs. One of their first clients was ‘Eco Floots’, a company specialising in […]

US News


Hello from Chicago!

We are proud to announce the opening of our new office in Chicago. We aim to bring the same high quality, creative service to US retailers and their suppliers! Over the next five years our strategy is to develop a strong US team that combines German efficiency with internationally recognised creativity. In doing this we hope […]