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Founded in 1992 by Haye and Nadine Tjarks, we are very proud to have grown as an agency based purely on client recommendations. Our incredibly dedicated, multinational team specialise in design, artwork, digital illustration, web development, 3D visuals and consumer strategy.


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Haye Tjarks

Nadine Tjarks

Nadine Tjarks is the Manging Director of Tjarks and Tjarks London & Chicago

Steen Tjarks

René Du Toit

René du Toit, Creative Director at Tjarks and Tjarks Design, London & Chicago.

Daryn Groom

Nico Tjarks

Nico Tjarks, Creative Director at Tjarks and Tjarks Design, London & Chicago.

George Harding

George Harding, Creative Director at Tjarks and Tjarks Design, London & Chicago.

Ilinka Skepeneit

Ilinka Skepeneit is the Account and Quality Control Director for Tjarks and Tjarks Design London & Chicago

Jörg Rhoden

Deenal Patel

Harriet Marshall


Noodles, Health and Wellbeing Manager at Tjarks and Tjarks Design, London & Chicago.

Haye Tjarks

Founder / Managing Director

Haye started his career 30 years ago, servicing clients as a student. This extensive experience has given him unparalleled knowledge of the entire design process. His meticulous attention to detail has led to a 20+ year retention of the ALDI group. He likes a challenge and thrives on helping clients achieve their goals. In addition, he is a keen footballer, cyclist and runner. He loves the sea, any watersport, and almost studied marine biology before founding Tjarks and Tjarks Design.

Nadine Tjarks

Founder / Managing Director

Nadine completed her degree in International Marketing and has spent the last 26 years developing brands for global retailers. She has successfully increased clients’ sales through both packaging and retail design. The success of Tjarks and Tjarks has been driven by her enthusiasm and passion as a Creative Director. She has travelled the world and thrives off annually visiting remote, nature rich or adventurous places. She is a qualified yoga teacher and maintains a healthy, mindful, yogic lifestyle.

Steen Tjarks

Vice President / US Director

Steen’s background is in consumer behaviour and pricing strategy. In 2014 he was honored with receiving a prestigious PhD Studentship from the Psychology department at UCL. He has extensive experience in helping businesses like Lego and Penguin Books realise the full extent of their marketing efforts. In his role as the VP of the Chicago office, he also brings his expertise to the US market. He loves fitness, gaming and Star Wars.

René du Toit

Creative Director

René has over 20 years’ experience managing and directing design for three of the UK's most iconic retailers - John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Tesco International. She has a passion for design excellence and its translation across global markets through packaging, POS, promotional materials and marketing campaigns. She enjoys travelling, movies and painting.

Daryn Groom

Artwork Production Director

Daryn began his career over 15 years ago as a conceptual creative in advertising. He has a highly versatile skillset and in his prior role as Artwork Production Manager at Marks and Spencer's he gained a wealth of knowledge on executing large artwork rollouts. In the past 6 years, he has consistently overseen the production of up to 15,000+ SKU’s annually. He is a proud father whose interests include photography, fishing, Lego and sport.

Nico Tjarks

Creative Director

Nico is a highly versatile and passionate creative. He trained as an Industrial Designer and in 2010 had the honour of presenting his work to HRH The Duke of York. At 22, he successfully launched his own design agency and soon began to service many international clients. As a Creative Director at Tjarks and Tjarks, he drives the agency’s creativity with flair. He loves Star Wars, art and food.

George Harding

Creative Director / Associate

George is a highly accomplished creative with a background in graphic design. Following two years running his own agency and winning a variety of international clients, which included working on a prestigious HSBC project, he joined Tjarks and Tjarks. As a Creative Director and devoted designer, his passion and enthusiasm drive the design team’s creativity. He enjoys sport, travel and illustration.

Ilinka Skepeneit

Account & QC Director / Associate

Ilinka joined Tjarks and Tjarks almost ten years ago after completing a design degree and is highly regarded for her dedication to client services. She is precise and meticulous, making her valued by both colleagues and clients alike. Her outstanding work ethic and reliability have been key to her success. She loves sailing, good food and is a proud new Mum.

Joerg Rhoden

Account Director

With over 15 years' of experience in the client services and project management industries, Joerg has an excellent track record of successfully delivering projects and shaping lasting client relationships. He has been a valuable addition to the Tjarks team for more than 3 years. In his spare time Joerg enjoys running, cooking, and loves exploring hiking opportunities in the UK and beyond.

Deenal Patel

Quality Control Director

Dee graduated in French, German and European Studies and has several years' experience in the retail industry as a translator and artwork checker. Her meticulous, detail-orientated approach and continued dedication to excellence is an asset to her team. She enjoys travelling, is a keen amateur astronomer and loves to read.

Harriet Marshall

Quality Control Director

Harriet's background is in proofreading and translation. She studied German & French and has gained valuable experience in the translation and quality control of food packaging, as well as substantial food law knowledge. She enjoys making cakes, trampolining and photography.


Health & Wellbeing Manager

Noodles is the dedicated Office Wellbeing Manager, responsible for ensuring employee morale, creativity and the all-important ‘work life balance’. Her experience lies in ball chasing, sleeping and eating. When she is not engaging in long office wanders, her curiosity and intellect are used to help direct design work. She loves treats, cuddles, walks and playing ball.


Our creative team is incredible! Designers with 35+ years experience as packaging specialists combine their knowledge with young, exciting talent. We pride ourselves on the strength of our design work and the ability to create ownable, world-class brands.


Efficiency, consistency and precision are the pillars of our internal production team. High-quality artwork for print is a true craft and our standards for preparing, proofing and approving files before they are sent to print are second to none.

Retouching department at Tjarks and Tjarks, packaging, artwork and branding specialists, London & Chicago.


Our digital gurus bring out the best in our designs to maximise impact and engagement. They work closely with our artwork department, preparing high-end graphics for our advertising, retail POS and packaging projects.

Research Team

The research team are experts in behavioural pricing, marketing and understanding consumer behaviour. Using the most cutting edge research tools, they help deliver real-time consumer insights that can be leveraged quickly and efficiently into revenue.

Website design and development at Tjarks and Tjarks, packaging, artwork and branding specialists.

Web Design & Development

Our young team of in-house developers are experts in a vast range of web skills. From simplistic template based websites to custom built CMS’s, our code-wizards produce fast, beautiful and functional products.

Account Management

We firmly believe that the most successful creative solutions are born from clear communication. Our dedicated Account Management team are professional, friendly and highly organised, managing the full lifecycle of each project through our agency.

Quality control department at Tjarks and Tjarks, packaging, artwork and branding specialists.

Quality Control

The quality control team excel at ensuring our precision standards are upheld by checking every piece of artwork. Nothing gets past this eagle-eyed team of experts hence our clients can be confident they will only receive the best.

Office Management / Admin

These highly organised professionals are the reason our agency runs like a well-oiled machine! By managing and coordinating internal processes and staff they ensure each department can concentrate purely on our clients.

Human Resources at Tjarks and Tjarks, packaging, artwork and branding specialists, London & Chicago.

HR Team

People are at the centre of our success and our HR team is highly experienced in selecting the very best applicants to drive the business forward. From designers to account managers, they continually discover incredible talent to strengthen our team.

Noodles, health and well-being manager at Tjarks and Tjarks, packaging, artwork and branding specialists, London & Chicago.

Health & Wellbeing

Noodles, our Office Wellbeing Manager, is always available for a therapeutic chat or ball game. She regularly does a round of the office checking out everyone’s lunch and ensuring the day starts with a smile. Click here to see what she gets up to on a typical day.